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Most major airlines no longer pay commissions to agents.  Most agencies now charge a flat $15 per ticket fee to book air only as do we.  The fee does not apply to most vacation packages.
Date specific air travel tends to be more expensive. If you can be flexible a couple days either way, we can usually find a better fare to your destination.
Paper tickets are quickly becoming a thing of the past and most of the major carriers charge an additional fee for them.  Save the money and spend it on dinner when you get there, they are not worth the expense.  A confirmation number and photo ID are all you need to check in these days.  We have done our personal travel without paper tickets for years and have yet to encounter a problem.  Some of the major carriers now allow you to print your own Boarding Pass.  This is very convenient if you are traveling light and do not have baggage to check.  You can head directly to the TSA checkpoint when you get to the airport.
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