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Tony and Di Manfroni have created the only American Association for Nude Recreation club in the Caribbean and is run using AANR guidelines. They are members of Green Valley, one of the largest AANR clubs in the Midwest.
Whether you are an AANR member looking for the comfort of your home club (only in the tropics), or have just wanted to try a Caribbean clothing optional resort without the "Activities" of some more infamous Caribbean resorts,
Resort Euphoria in Negril is sure to become your new favorite tropical destination. Click on the Resort Euphoria logo above to get a look at what Toni & Di have waiting for you.
Resort Euphoria's friendly atmosphere has only 30 beautiful all ocean-view rooms. Just wait a little longer, you'll be at Aunt Gert's mobile home in Ft. Myers for your winter getaway again.
After you've had a look at what awaits, call
Joanne or drop her an e-mail to help you plan your trip out of Minneapolis/St. Paul or anywhere else. Take a couple of extra days and stay at one of the other Clothing Optional destinations in Florida on your way!!

Click her for a few photos of what's waiting for you!